Hardi Salami was born in 03/10/1987 in Sulaimani – Kurdistan Studied at the Fine Arts Institute of Sulaimani / Drama and Film Making Department in the year of 2007
After graduation he worked as a cameraman and TV director for about 6 years, then he left TV’s life and worked as an independent director for creating and doing many short films, music videos, and reklams.
He was a photographer for one of the series drama which is about 30 series in the name of ( Ghurbat) that was broadcasted by one of the well-known kurdish channels Kurdsat TV.
Director for two short films, one of them got three golden awards in the name of ( Se, three) This short film got Golden award for :-
The best female actress
The best short film of the year
The best sound track

This short film at his time was one of its kind, and the story came from the reality of the society and kurdish culture, because of having access to the Internet and technology these two people will suffer from the danger of spreading their personal photos and videos.

He is the one of the director that did many music video for almost any kurdish singer all around like ( Navid Zardi, Halwest, Frmesk, Hamid Othman) these singers videos are always welcomed by a huge amount of audience here in Kurdistan and outside as well.

He has a certificate of learning Sinamatography in a scientific way to develop his own skills and knowledge of this part in one of the Universities of UK.
Because of his great talent and beautiful works many of producing reklam companies gave him great opportunities to work for them as director, and cameraman like ( Hama advertising agency, Suli Media, AD Media)
And this year is one of his career changing stage in his life to challenge his own capacity and be a singer and has about 13 tracks by himself and he is a known public figure of his country. In this year and the end of it he is going to organize and do many concerts in Kurdistan and outside as well like Sweden, Germany because of his well-known songs and works and of course his audience wants to hear his voice and great kurdish skills, besides those who are going to join his concerts will get a copy of his first Album.

His humanity to do great works for his nation makes him do great voluntary works to spread peace and harmony in his country, especially those activities that involve helping those in need and the people that suffer from cancer. Helping kids and pour people is his first action of course to let a hand and make them happy..

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